15 Ways Your Business Could Be Benefiting From Vehicle Wraps | Wraps Direct

15 Ways Your Business Could Be Benefiting From Vehicle Wraps | Wraps Direct


Throughout the duration of time over the past decade, the advertising landscape has undergone significant transformations. Traditional methods of reaching potential customers, such as print media and pop-up ads, have become less effective as more people prefer to stream shows and avoid them. Even side ads have lost their appeal since consumers can easily hide or pay to avoid them.


As a result, an increasing number of companies have turned to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to gain attention. However, this approach relies on consumers’ interest in visiting these pages, leaving businesses wondering how to get their name, products, and services in front of potential customers.


One solution that has been gaining popularity is vehicle wraps. By adding your product or company name to vehicles, there are numerous benefits to be gained. If you’re looking for a new and effective method of advertising, vehicle wraps are definitely worth considering.



The Basics of Vehicle Wrap Advertising


The concept of advertising with vehicle wraps is relatively simple. An image, lettering, or other information is printed on a laminate and then applied to a vehicle.


However, the process can be challenging since the final product needs to not only look visually appealing but also withstand weather and temperature changes.


If your company has a few service vans or vehicles, vinyl wrapping them will assist your business in increasing brand awareness or widening consumer recognition and will also let customers know that your employees are dedicated.


Custom vinyl wraps can be applied to a wide range of vehicles, including cars, large trucks, vans, trailers, and even boats.





1. There Are Countless Options To Choose From


Modern vehicle wrap technology offers numerous customization options for those looking to make their car unique. You no longer have to settle for a vehicle that doesn’t have the color or design you want.


Wrapping your car is a cost-effective and easy way to stand out and express your personality. Additionally, if you ever want to change up the look of your car, simply have the wrap removed and choose a new design. With endless possibilities, it’s a fun way to keep things interesting.



2. Unlimited Ad Exposure On The Road


Many business owners are opting to wrap their company vehicles for the benefit of nearly unlimited exposure around town. Each time the car is driven, the business gains additional exposure to people on the road, in buildings, and on sidewalks who may take note of the advertisement. This exposure is valuable since it is challenging to promote a business or product name through traditional methods.


Wrapped vehicles offer a subtle yet effective way to achieve this. People may take note of the advertisement without feeling overwhelmed by an aggressive marketing approach. They may even look up your business on their phones to learn more, further increasing your exposure.



3. Most Wraps Are Difficult To Miss


Vehicles adorned with writing or images are highly noticeable due to their uniqueness compared to the average plain-looking car. This is why it is essential to have your vehicle professionally wrapped.


Since the first impression of your business may be generated by a wrapped vehicle, it is vital to ensure that it looks professional and visually appealing. The wrap should be designed with easy-to-read letters that are legible even for a brief moment as other drivers pass by.


The challenge lies in striking a balance between grabbing people’s attention without being too distracting. As most of the people who will see the vehicle are drivers, it’s crucial to keep the design clear and readable without causing a safety hazard.





4. Ads That Are Consumer-Friendly


Many people today find advertising to be intrusive and avoid paying attention to it. Loud commercials and pop-ups can be overwhelming, especially when one is trying to relax after a long day.


On the other hand, wrapped vehicles provide a consumer-friendly method of advertising. They don’t force the advertisement upon the viewer but rather invite them to learn more about the product or service when they have the time and interest.


Wrapped vehicles act as gentle reminders of your business’s name, products, and services in the community. They can pique people’s interest and encourage them to investigate further without causing any inconvenience or annoyance. This type of advertising is more of a subtle suggestion than an aggressive push, making it more consumer-friendly.



5. Efficiency – Using Your Current Resources & Assets


If your business already has service vehicles, wrapping them for advertising purposes can be a smart and efficient use of your existing assets.


Not only does it provide additional exposure to a large audience, but it also gives your vehicle an additional purpose. By wrapping your vehicles, you can reach a broader audience while going to places you would already go, making it a highly cost-effective method of advertising.


This dual-purpose approach to advertising is an excellent opportunity for businesses that are looking to increase their exposure without spending a lot of money.



6. They’re Easy To Remove & Adjust


The beauty of wrapped vehicles is that you don’t have to buy a new vehicle or fleet every time you want to update your advertising. Instead, you can have the existing wrap removed and replaced with a new one whenever you want to make a change.


This flexibility allows you to keep your advertising looking fresh and up-to-date without having to invest in new vehicles or additional advertising campaigns. It also makes it easier to experiment with different designs to see which ones resonate most with your target audience and generate the most response.





7. Helps Maintain Active Marketing & Advertising


Many effective advertising methods are passive, which means they don’t actively draw people’s attention. Even if a company has a great website or social media presence, it’s hard to reach a large audience without some form of active advertising.


However, wrapped vehicles can serve as an active advertising tool. They attract attention without being obtrusive and can prompt potential customers to visit a company’s website or social media pages. In this way, wrapped vehicles can help increase a company’s visibility and brand recognition.



8. More Cost-Effective Way Of Advertising


Many businesses have attempted to expand their audience through mailers and fliers, but these methods often go unnoticed or are discarded. Additionally, commercials and online ads can be easily skipped or muted, making them less effective for reaching potential customers.


In comparison, wrapped vehicles are viewed as more positive and less intrusive. Although they still require periodic refreshment and revision, the return on investment tends to be higher, as the wrapped vehicles serve as a subtle reminder of your business and its offerings. This can lead potential customers to visit your website without incurring any additional costs for repeated exposure.



9. The Locality


Local businesses are becoming more popular among consumers who prefer a more personal touch when it comes to their products and services. Although larger companies are still thriving, people are more willing to switch to local businesses when the cost is comparable and it is more convenient for them. This trend is particularly noticeable in service industries.


A wrapped vehicle can be a valuable asset for local businesses, providing a personal touch that lets potential clients know that the business is local. By using a wrapped vehicle for advertising, a local business can reach a large audience and make a favorable impression, as people are more likely to contact a business they perceive as local.





10. Supplemental Way Of Advertising


Vehicle wrapping is typically not used as the sole means of advertising, but rather as a complementary method.


It can be integrated into your existing marketing plan, and the design of the wrap can be aligned with your other advertising efforts to maintain consistency in your branding.



11. Additional Paint Protection


There are advantages of vehicle wrapping that go beyond just attracting attention, particularly when it comes to protecting your vehicle.


The lamination of the wrapping material provides an additional layer of protection for your vehicle, preventing scratches and other forms of damage to the paintwork.



12. Entirely Owned By You & Only You


Traditional advertising, like billboards and printed media, often has the issue of the space being used by competitors once the contract expires. This problem is avoided when you wrap your vehicles, as you have complete control over the look and size of the advertisement. You are only limited by the number and size of your vehicles, and you won’t have to worry about a competitor taking over the space.





13. Marketing Without Extreme Efforts


You can still benefit from advertising even if your vehicle is not being driven, as it can still attract attention when parked at a customer’s location or a public place.


This is especially advantageous since people are more likely to look up your business online when they have time and are not preoccupied with other activities. For instance, if someone spots your wrapped car while parked and needs the same product or service, they can easily research your business online using their mobile device.


Compared to billboards, vehicle wraps provide greater flexibility and mobility, allowing your vehicles to travel to different locations and reach a wider audience.



14. Of Higher Quality


The quality of a paint job can vary depending on the price, and cheaper paints may not last long. Similarly, low-quality wraps may look good initially but can deteriorate quickly, wasting your money.


However, high-quality wraps can make your vehicle look great for years, especially if installed professionally with premium materials. They can also help protect a high-quality paint job without altering its color, similar to clear bra installations.



15. Vinyl Wraps Are Lasting Longer


Vinyl wraps have become more durable over time, lasting longer than they used to. Although exposure to sunlight can cause fading and loss of luster, proper care can make a wrap just as long-lasting as any paint job.


Additionally, maintaining a wrap is easier and cheaper than polishing your car every few months. Simple steps like parking in a garage and regular washing can help extend the life of your wrap.







Having a custom-wrapped car or fleet of vehicles can provide various benefits beyond just advertising. In today’s world, with people’s attention spans getting shorter, it is vital to find more consumer-friendly advertising methods. Wrapped vehicles can do just that, as they can grab the attention of potential customers without costing as much as traditional advertising methods.


The benefits of having a wrapped car include ease of change, active advertising, cost-effectiveness, personal touch, supplemental advertising, additional protection, and complete control over the advertising space. Furthermore, wrapped vehicles can advertise your business without effort, as they can attract customers even when parked.


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