Wall Wraps

Wall Wraps

We’ll work together to help create a head-turning, jaw-dropping Wall Wraps — designed to help you create a lasting impression and generate more sales. Our world-class branding, advertising, and creative experts will help you develop a wrap perfectly suited for any wall you’re looking to transform. Meet our team and learn how to upgrade your space today.


Why Wraps Direct for Wall Wraps in Jacksonville, FL

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to advertise your business, our wall wraps are the perfect solution! At Wraps Direct, we offer high-quality, custom-printed wraps that are sure to get your message noticed. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a unique design that reflects your brand and leaves a lasting impression.


1. We have a team of experienced designers who will work with you to create a custom vinyl wall wrap that is perfect for your space.

2. We use only the highest quality materials and printers to ensure that your wall wrap will look amazing and last for years.

3. We offer a variety of finishing options to give your wall wrap the perfect look and feel.

4. We install all of our wall wraps using the latest techniques to ensure a perfect finish.

5. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.


Contact us today to learn more about our wall wraps and how we can help you promote your business!

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Choose from a variety of finishes including matte, satin, and gloss finishes to imitate expensive materials without the added cost.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Wrap products such as fleet and commercial wraps along with other graphics are a budget-friendly marketing option in return for a durable and long-lasting result.

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Putting our passion to work, we can help your business unleash its full potential. Let our designers create a lasting impression for your company through our creative design process.

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    “We got our boat wrapped and it’s beautiful”

    I brought in a design on fabric and they matched it. Everyone there was so helpful and customer service was above and beyond. Would recommend them for your design needs. Will use again for our design needs.!

    -Mr. & Mrs. Snyder

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    “Their communication with us was top notch and the wrap itself turned out perfect.”

    Adam and Heather were super easy to work with and provided the advice needed to get the wrap done correctly. They were VERY fast in getting the vehicle wrapped once the vehicle was in their possession. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for wraps and signage.

    -Matt Jones

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    “Great job bringing our vision to life!”

    We are more than satisfied with the finished product. Adam and Heather were very helpful and responsive when we had questions or needed anything and took care of everything we requested. Will definitely use again in the future! Thanks again for everything!

    -Jennifer Turner

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    Wall Wraps
    We help plan and execute your wrap so you can focus on dominating the competition.

    Wraps Direct offers a wide variety of services and products for all of your advertising needs.

    Contact our team to learn how we can help you grow today.

    Wall Wraps
    We help plan and execute your wrap so you can focus on dominating the competition.

    Wraps Direct offers a wide variety of services and products for all of your advertising needs.

    Contact our team to learn how we can help you grow today.

    Wall Wraps
    We help plan and execute your wrap so you can focus on dominating the competition.

    Wraps Direct offers a wide variety of services and products for all of your advertising needs.

    Contact our team to learn how we can help you grow today.

    Wall Wraps
    We help plan and execute your wrap so you can focus on dominating the competition.

    Wraps Direct offers a wide variety of services and products for all of your advertising needs.

    Contact our team to learn how we can help you grow today.

    Transforming walls is what we do the best.

    Show your brand’s true power

    Own a franchise or operate in multiple locations? Make sure all your locations are displayed in each branch with our vinyl wall wraps for business to impress customers. We can tackle projects of all sizes, single or multi-location, to show the true power of your brand.

    Suitable indoors and outdoors

    Whether you want to transform your brand’s indoors or outdoors, we’ve got you covered! Our vinyl wall wraps go perfectly with brick walls, windows, glass doors, and several other surfaces. Besides, they are extra durable to withstand elements and still look great.

    Use permanently or temporarily

    Our wall wraps are ideal for advertising temporary messages and displaying permanent images. Offering a limited-time discount? Reach us. Maybe you want to wrap the walls permanently with your brand’s logo, mission statement, etc.? We can solve all your wall-wrapping worries.


    Question: What is a wall wrap?
    Answer: A wall wrap is a fabric or other material used to cover a room’s walls. This can be done for decorative purposes, to protect the walls from damage, or to create a sound barrier. Wall wraps are made from vinyl, fabric, or other durable materials.

    Question: Can I vinyl-wrap a wall?
    Answer: Yes, you can vinyl-wrap a wall. The process is similar to wrapping a car. You’ll need to clean the wall’s surface, then measure and cut the wall wrap vinyl to size. Once the vinyl is in place, you’ll need to use a squeegee to smooth it out and remove any air bubbles.

    Question: How long do wall wraps last?
    Answer: Wall wraps can last many years if installed and maintained properly. They are made of the durable vinyl material that withstands the elements and everyday wear and tear. However, over time, the vinyl may start to fade or peel and need to be replaced.


    What is our cancellation policy?

    We require 72 hours notice prior to your scheduled installation date to avoid a cancellation fee of $250.

    We ask that any vehicles being dropped off are washed within 24-48 hours prior to drop off. This ensures our ability to complete your job in a timely manner. Any vehicle that arrives in a condition that we deem should be cleaned will have a cleaning fee assessed ($85/hour). Drop-off dates are discussed during scheduling and we ask that you do your best to arrive on the discussed date.

    On average, the design process can take 7-14 business days. Once the design is completed, production will begin and can take up to 48 hours to fulfill the order. After production is complete, your wrap will be scheduled for installation which can take 3-5 days to complete (on average). The entire process can vary depending on the exact type of wrap product being purchased. For more detailed information on your specific needs, please reach out to your Sales Representative.

    All wrap products are created digitally which allows us to reprint and install any section of the graphics that may be damaged on your vehicle. We save all client artwork in the event that it ever needs to be reprinted. Oftentimes this is even covered by your insurance should you get into an accident. Please reach out to your insurance provider to learn more on coverage.

    If all manufacturer procedures are followed, the answer is no. The paint under the wrap is protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun, exposure to the elements, and minor scratches. Think of it as driving around with the world’s tightest car cover. Rest assured knowing that with Wraps Direct, we will only select the best-of-the-best installation professionals that are certified by the product manufacturers that we use to ensure best practices and complete customer satisfaction 100% of the time.

    Yes. We recommend that you bring your vehicle to us or a wrap shop that is knowledgeable about the wrap removal process. Removing a wrap requires a large amount of heat and various tools, such as torches and heat guns. To avoid damage to your vehicle and injury to yourself, it is recommended that you pay a professional to remove the wrap.

    Generally, a wrap will last 5 years depending on the care of the vehicle and environments that it is exposed to. We use industry standard known and trusted films and laminate; the manufacturer of the material estimates the durability of the wrap to last 5 years on vertical surfaces. We recommend that you re-wrap your vehicle in 3 years to allow the wrap to be removed with ease. Washing the vehicle on a regular basis will prolong the life of the wrap. We recommend that vehicle wraps be hand washed as some pressure washers and automatic car wash machines can damage the wrap.

    A vehicle wrap provides maximum exposure for your business and brings it to life with eye-catching crystal clear graphics. With a vehicle wrap, the amount of color or creativity you want is never limited. We do provide cut vinyl; however, a vehicle wrap lasts much longer than cut vinyl, and protects your paint from the harsh rays of the sun. Often when you remove cut vinyl the lines from it will still be visible on the vehicle due to fading of the paint. A vehicle wrap is better than paint because it is more cost effective, and can be changed if your company’s details change. It can also be easily removed should you decide to sell your vehicle.

    Wraps Direct can wrap cars, trucks, boats, helmets, 18 wheelers, car haulers, race cars, concept cars, tour buses, trailers, cargo vans, box trucks, SUVs, shipping containers, walls, windows, store-fronts, golf carts, vending machines, even buildings! You name it and we can wrap it. If you have something you need wrapped and we have NOT wrapped it before we are thrilled to have the opportunity to pioneer new wrap styles.

    Wraps are priced by the square foot. A full wrap on a vehicle can range from $1,000 to $5,000. That’s much less than the cost of having a billboard that you must rent every month or a tv/radio ad that you pay for monthly. You buy a wrap one time and it pays for itself over the span of three years or more. To get an accurate price on your vehicle, click to Request a Quote. We are not always the cheapest wrap provider; in this industry you definitely get what you pay for. We invite you to stop by our shop to see for yourself what we can do for you.