Fleet Wraps – Why They’re Necessary For Your Company Or Business Growth | Wraps Direct

Fleet Wraps – Why They’re Necessary For Your Company Or Business Growth | Wraps Direct


Getting a customized automotive wrap with your logo on it is a fantastic way to advertise your business locally and draw attention to your brand every time you drive. A vehicle wrap is a fantastic technique to help develop a consistent professional brand image that will assist to attract new and repeat business, whether it is your car for the organization itself or one from the collection of commercial fleet vehicles needed. Even though it might appear that most branding has moved online, this method of branding is increasingly effective.





Fleet Wraps: What Are They?


Wrapping your business’ fleet of vehicles is a seriously underrated way to promote your brand and attract new clients. A fleet wrap is essentially a sizable vinyl decal or wrap that covers all or some of your commercial vehicles. As a result, your company gets more sales calls and builds brand awareness by giving off a professional, successful image to both current and potential new clients.


Gaining new clients is essential to the expansion of any business. Fleet wraps provide the lowest expenditure per impression of any and all forms of advertising, according to a survey conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. It should be noted that it’s the most straightforward. You don’t actually do anything else to gain that additional business once you’ve placed a fleet wrap.


Hence, if your objective is to increase your flow of business for your:


  • Restaurant
  • Plumbing Services
  • Organization
  • Home Inspection Business
  • Food Truck
  • HVAC Company
  • Installation Services
  • Handyman & Repair Business
  • Locksmith Services
  • Rental Firm
  • Construction Company
  • Or any other type of commercial enterprise…


Then you ought to weigh out the benefits and drawbacks of giving your company’s fleet of vehicles a wrap that not only makes them look great but also increases client awareness and actual sales.





Advantages Of Fleet Wrapping:


Let’s start by discussing the advantages of fleet wraps. There are a number of reasons why companies decide to use fleet car wraps on their vehicles. What you should think about is this:



Growth & Brand Awareness Expansion


Your reputation in the community is enhanced through fleet vehicle graphics.


Consider that you own and operate a food truck that serves gelato or a construction business. By fulfilling the deliveries or attending the meetings you are already going to anyways, you can bring in new business.


Depending on your area and the local population, fleet wraps can get 35,000 or more daily impressions or pageviews. This aspect allows you to gain access to a larger number of new potential clients.


Fleet Wraps Provide Your Brand With A Professional Look & Feel


Driving a vehicle with a branded fleet wrap around your region exudes professionalism, which will boost the perception of your business. It serves as a kind of company standard and helps customers connect your logo and color scheme with the products or services you provide. Next time a consumer is in need of your kind of services, they will be more inclined to think of your business, as they will be reminded of you when they see one of your fleet-wrapped vehicles moving about.





Fleet Wraps Make Advertising Affordable


A vehicle with a personalized wrap is a moving advertisement all the time; billboards are stationary, and ads can only be seen or heard when they are being watched or listened to. In the event that a rival doesn’t pan out, potential customers will be aware of their options when they see your brand in action.


It’s challenging to market to businesses. Internet advertising is pricy, highly competitive, and time-consuming. Because of this, a lot of companies, including local contractors, are using fleet wraps as a practical strategy to expand their businesses.


According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the average estimated cost of a single impression is just $0.79 cents. Which is far cheaper than the $7.61 per impression price of a radio advertisement.


Also, wrapping your fleet is considerably easier than creating a clever radio commercial that might or might not result in revenue for you.


Unique Aspect Of Customization


The bottom line here is that vehicle graphics work for any and all business or company types. More customization options are also available than with a paint job. In fact, as vinyl wrap technology has advanced, it has made it possible to wrap windows among other things.


In order to make your point, your message should be both visually appealing and give consistent messaging and branding. Any lettering style and font can be used, and it’s simple to maintain consistency across the whole fleet.


Commercial fleet wraps can be compared to moving billboards because they have a location that instantly generates revenue after being covered. It is currently waiting to attract new clients.




Wrapping Your Fleet Demonstrates a Commitment To The Company


Customers and staff will see that you have invested a great amount of effort and money into your business when you indulge in unique wraps for your fleet of vehicles. You don’t seem like a dubious business, and as people start to notice your branding all around town, you will start to establish a reputation as a pioneer in whatever good or service you’re offering locally. Customers will notice your expansion as your company develops and grows thanks to your fleet wraps, which will provide them with yet more of an incentive to work with you and expand.




What Material Are Fleet Wraps Composed Of?


High-quality vinyl is used to create fleet wraps. One of the companies that invented the vinyl wrap is 3M, and they have earned a reputation for employing only high-quality components in their creations.


Although vinyl has a fair level of durability, the installation process itself plays a crucial role in how long your business vehicle wraps last.


Lastly, you should know that truck and car wraps are equally effective as wrapping a fleet. You want the branding and messaging on both kinds of commercial vehicles to be consistent.





How Do I Start Wrapping My Commercial Fleet?


You may now begin to recognize the reasoning as to how and why vinyl fleet wraps are valuable. But where do you begin? You have the choice of installing them yourself. You can try to do the task on your own if you buy some quality wrap material and obtain and learn how to use the appropriate tools.


However, due to the difficulty of working with vinyl wrap and given the fact that many companies opt for a full-coverage vehicle wrap, which might or might not have lettering or branding, on part or all of the windows… the majority of companies decide to invest their money to have the vinyl graphics professionally done. Knowing what to watch out for is crucial because wrapping leased vehicles may be difficult as well.


Another advantage of hiring a contractor is that some businesses, like Wraps Direct, help you professionally install the wrap and even assign you a skilled and qualified graphic designer that can take your logo or message to the next level, by incorporating your ideas, contact information, and logos to produce something stunning and eye-catching.


No matter how many commercial vehicles you have or how many in your fleet you want to turn into a mobile billboard army, Wraps Direct can do it, no matter where in the nation your fleet is located.





Fleet Wraps From Wraps Direct Can Help You Increase Brand Awareness


The benefits of graphics and fleet wraps are enormous. They convey a consistent message while enhancing the size and professionalism of your company. Nevertheless, they also draw attention thanks to eye-catching visuals that open up new commercial opportunities each time one of your uniquely customized vehicles is out cruising on the road.


Custom bespoke fleet wraps are not only attractive, but they also make a major impact. They are a fantastic option for enterprises because of their low cost per impression, which enables you to devote more time to running your company rather than promoting. That’s a significant victory for the vast majority of companies out there.





The Best Time To Get Your Fleet Wrapped Was Yesterday!


Don’t wait! To get more information on how you can give your fleet a fresh fantastic look, get in touch with Wraps Direct if you’ve already realized the advantages of getting your fleet vehicles wrapped.


Our team here at Wraps Direct will assist you in understanding the procedure, the dependability, and all the available styles and customizations on the market today. Yet, in the end, the only restriction on design is what you choose to visualize.


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