Interested In Trailer Wraps? Get The Tips You Need Here! | Wraps Direct

Interested In Trailer Wraps? Get The Tips You Need Here! | Wraps Direct


Are you curious to know more about vinyl graphics or trailer wraps? Does your business own or rent industrial trailers? Trailer wraps are a low-cost and highly noticeable approach to drawing attention to your business’s logo. We can design something that fits within your budget, whether you require complete or partial coverage, simple vinyl graphics, or something else entirely.


A fantastic method to give your trailer a consistent, professional appearance that works well for advertising is to have them professionally wrapped. A trailer wrap can generate more views and attention for you than the majority of campaigns on social media and sponsored advertisements, regardless of your niche or financial constraints. Before wrapping your trailer, there are a few things to keep in mind.


While there are a lot more than ten processes that are involved in wrapping a trailer, these are the most important ones to go over, follow up on, and double-check before, during, and after the wrapping process. The tips listed below will help you avoid delays, extra expenses, and a lower-quality-than-expected end result.



Trailer’s Current Condition


Not all trailers can be wrapped. You might wish to consult a specialist depending on the state of the trailer to make sure a wrap will be effective. The wrap might not adhere well, and the results might not measure up to your expectations if there are a lot of surface paint, scratches, rust, or dents.



Large commercial two-wheel trailer, wrapped in a custom american flag glossy vinyl trailer wrap. "Integrity" American Flag trailer wrap, designed by Wraps Direct in Jacksonville Florida.



Get Your Trailer’s Measurements


When you have a wrap concept in mind, you should go immediately to your nearest wrapping shop, but wait for a second first. You will save a lot of time and money if you know the exact dimensions of the trailer you want to be wrapped. The amount of vinyl required will greatly vary depending on the size of your trailer; don’t buy more than you’ll need. To achieve the best trailer wrap possible, it’s essential to know how your trailer’s doors and windows will affect your design in addition to measuring. You don’t want to finish your wrap just to discover that the open window or door hides a portion of your overall design.



Full Coverage or Partial Coverage Trailer Wrap?


Making sure your trailer wrap looks beautiful from every aspect is important for presenting a consistent, sophisticated image. Many clients overlook how effective a trailer’s roof can be as an advertising platform, especially if your business is located in a city with a lot of high-rise structures. On the other hand, if your business is operating in a more rural area, a partial wrap may be a better, cost-saving option.



Planning Your Trailer Wrap Logistics


Will the trailer be delivered? If so, when and where? Who is in charge of the transportation? In what manner will the trailers be kept before, throughout, and following the trailer wrapping process? Is it secure to park there? Have you talked about the drop-off procedure, the amount of time needed inside, and the pick-up procedure? Delays can and will be brought on by logistical failure.



Matching commercial HVAC van and trailer wrapped in customized blue and orange glossy vinyl wraps. "Von's" matching blue and orange HVAC van and trailer wrap designs, created and installed by Wraps Direct.



Trailer Wrap Printing and Installation


Does the business handle the printing and installation in-house, or do they outsource it to a third party? Have you spoken about the material they intend to use and the ideal finish for the trailer? Has the business helped you feel at ease and confident in your choice? Most businesses will provide examples for you to view and touch before installation so you can be confident it’s what you want.



Weather, Climate, Temperature


What circumstances will the trailer wrap graphics be installed in? Is it going to be used indoors or outside? How hot and how humid will it be? This is crucial since humidity and temperature can have a negative impact on the installation’s quality.



Trailer Wrap Preparation Process


Does the organization in charge of the trailer wrapping prepare and wash the trailer, or are you expected to do so? Has the business explained any additional prep fees you might have to pay or the state they anticipate the trailer to be in when it is delivered? Trailers must be spotless and devoid of any leftover cleaning agents, as well as dirt, oils, and other impurities that may not be evident to the naked eye. The trailer has to be extra clean prior to the wrap being applied and any existing graphics must be removed as well. This part of the trailer wrap process can be a very time-consuming and expensive endeavor.



Small commercial one-wheel generator trailer, wrapped in a customized grey, yellow, and green glossy vinyl trailer wrap. Customized generator trailer wrap for "Vann's" wrapped by Wraps Direct in Jacksonville Florida.



Trailer Wrap Installation Concerns or Questions


Has the business applied trailer wraps in the past and have they shown you any examples of prior experience? Trailer wrap graphics installation requires both art and science. There are right and wrong ways to do things, and the incorrect approach causes headaches. Recruit a workforce with experience in installing wraps on various types of vehicles, including trailers.



Innovate a Trailer Wrap Design For All


Ask yourself who your design will appeal to before you commit. If at all possible, test the strategy with friends and family members of all ages and socioeconomic levels to make sure it will work for the broadest potential audience. Even though you might have a specific target market in mind, it’s crucial to remember that the more clients you can bring in, the better.



Remember That Content Matters Most


Without providing the essential business information, a vinyl trailer wrap concept is useless for your company. As a result, you should give the name of your company, your contact information (such as a phone number or email), and the names of any social media profiles you manage. The correct material and message must be incorporated into your trailer wrap design, in order to reach the intended audience.



Large commercial two-wheel vegan food truck trailer, wrapped in a custom print glossy black vinyl trailer wrap. Personalized "KraVegan" food truck trailer wrap design, installed by Wraps Direct.



Keep Your Font Style In Mind At All Times


Typefaces give any company name and information personality; they transform the bland, generic fonts used by word processors into something engaging. Fonts are among the most essential elements for trailer wraps because of this. You should take into account the following factors when picking fonts:

  • Select fonts that you believe will work for your company and be readable at a distance.
  • The entire design should only use either one, or two fonts at most.
  • Choose fonts that are distinctive from one another.
  • Make your font sizes distinct.



Always Think Graphic Design


Are the vinyl wrap technicians you hired knowledgeable in the design process and applying trailer wraps? How many wraps for trailers have they created and installed? Do you resonate with the trailer wrap designs they have in their portfolio?


The size and design of trailers vary widely. Hiring someone who is familiar with the required design process for your particular work is crucial.


The main visual component of any exquisite design is graphics. Selecting the designs for your trailer wrap takes skill. Here are some ideas to bear in mind when choosing your trailer wrap’s graphics:

  • Select the images that are related to your brand initiative.
  • Choose graphics with a straightforward layout.
  • If at all possible, use fewer graphics so your design isn’t overcompensating.
  • Feel free to present in 3D, leaners, or any other way.



Large commercial two-wheel trailer, wrapped in a customized glossy green vinyl trailer wrap. Custom "Premier Spray Foam" commercial trailer wrap application, innovated by Jacksonville Florida's Wraps Direct.



Stabilize The Key Wrap Design Principles


Ultimately, no matter what fantastic design you choose, it must be flawlessly harmonized with fundamental design concepts that instantly grab the attention of potential customers. When creating trailer wraps, you should concentrate on the following typical design principles:

  • Alignment
  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Proximity





Regardless of the size or style of the business, whether you advertise for a bank or sell food, choosing the right design is a crucial component. Wrapping your trailer works wonders for your company because it makes a wonderful impression on potential clients right away.


In order to find success with and get the most out of your trailer wrap, you simply need to keep the above advice in mind while creating your bespoke trailer wrap design. Wraps Direct is a full-service wrap and sign installation team dedicated to providing their services to businesses of all sizes in the Jacksonville, Florida area with high-quality, vehicle and trailer graphic wrap solutions, along with affordable outdoor and indoor customized signage.


To develop the ideal wrap design for your trailer, it is highly recommended that you work with the professionals at Wraps Direct! If you need an updated design, we can create a new brand image or include/improve your current one. According to your requirements, we’ll create the wrap by utilizing the colors and graphic styles you desire. To assure that the trailer wrap will fit snugly and precisely, our crew obtains the proper measurements that are necessary.


Our gorgeous, vibrant, and fashionable vinyl wraps are laminated after printing to fend off UV Ray damage, and abrasions, which can be very harmful to the trailer wrap as time goes on without repair. The vinyl wrap is then applied to your trailer by our vinyl wrap experts. Count on the reliable wrap experts at Wraps Direct to deliver a flawless finish that is ensured to stay wrinkle and bubble free. Our trailer wraps are guaranteed to be sleekly applied, to reflect the most supreme level of smoothness in their appearance!


Here at Wraps Direct, our greatest advantage has consistently been our exceptional customer service, cutting-edge technology, meticulous attention to detail, high-quality products, and affordable prices. Our aim is to design efficient bespoke signage that meets your needs and goes above and beyond to help you market your business, draw in new clients, convey your message, and bring your business image a unique edge. Located in Jacksonville, FL, Wraps Direct provides nationwide shipping and installation services for vinyl wrap across the continental United States!


We offer free estimates and consultations, click here to fill out our form today! Simply visit us at Wraps Direct or email us your visual concept idea and any other marketing materials you would like to add to the design. Additionally, you can send us images and measurements or bring your trailer to our shop. Our designer can produce a striking, sophisticated design that’s within your price range! Collaborate with Wraps Direct today to design your trailer wrap and start building a stronger connection with your clients or customers ASAP!