Is Vinyl Wrap A More Eco-Friendly Option Than Paint? | Wraps Direct

Is Vinyl Wrap A More Eco-Friendly Option Than Paint? | Wraps Direct


Whether you are dedicated to protecting our planet or manage a company that caters to people who care about remaining eco-friendly, there are now several sustainable alternatives for every element of your business.


You must take responsibility for Mother Earth, as many customers are now basing their purchasing decisions on how “environmentally friendly” a brand is. Environmentally conscious signage is one example of this. Luckily, we specialize in vinyl wrapping and eco-friendly signs at Wraps Direct. Particularly relevant to this is our utilization of 3M vehicle wraps.





With their new green films, 3M, one of the greatest vinyl producers in the world, is ready to start producing your new wraps! In the sign sector, it would be difficult to find a material that is more practical than vinyl. For virtually any use, Wraps Direct offers several types of 3M vinyl films, including vehicle graphics, wall murals, floor graphics, window graphics, plus more.


Today, there is an eco-friendly method to benefit from this excellent marketing tool. Envision vinyl films, which 3M recently introduced, are already sweeping the market. These movies take being non-PVC even further. Because of their cutting-edge improvement in other qualities, they are able to exceed favorites in the business.





Just recently, we discussed employing vehicle advertising to promote the goals and values of your business. Currently, there is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to supporting a cleaner environment and becoming green than by installing eco-friendly vinyl wraps on your fleet of vehicles, boats, and trailers. What a fantastic way to complement your message of environmental support!


If the procedures used by your business are designed to cut emissions… If sustainability is a top priority… If you patronize eco-friendly businesses and organizations… If your clients and potential clients value environmental sustainability… Why not use your fleet graphics to provide sustainability for them?


The 3M Envision line of materials, which works to safeguard Mother Nature from the very start of the manufacturing process, gives you the option to verify and guarantee that your wrap graphics are environmentally friendly.





Perks Of Utilizing 3M Envision Wrap Film


When you choose to use the Envision wrap films from 3M, the benefits you receive include:


  •  An alternative for your vinyl wrap graphic needs that are phthalate- and PVC-free.


  • The material requires 60% lesser solvents and is independent of harmful chemicals, such as chlorine and halogens.


  • The capacity to earn LEED points.


  • Slide-ability, reposition-ability, and Comply v3 are just a few of the cutting-edge breakthroughs and high-performance technologies for which 3M is renowned worldwide (channels for adhesive air release, heated film recovery, and superb print quality)


  • Stunning clarity, incredible toughness, and flexible conformability—plus 150% stretch!


  • Quick, spotless, and residue-free removal.


  • Capable of being installed under very hot conditions.


On top of this, without compromising on quality or performance, all 3M Envision Print Wraps and Overlaminates have received the coveted GREENGUARD Gold Certification! So, really we have to ask ourselves, why would you use anything else when non-PVC material is so adaptable and versatile?


The innovative 3M Envision Print Wraps are made with bio-based manufacturing components and do not contain hazardous compounds like halogen, chlorine, and phthalates; which are generally the main components of most plastics. Additionally, the films require 60% lesser solvent, which drastically reduces overall exposure to chemicals. The most environmentally friendly graphic product currently available on the market is the 3M Envision print wrap here at Wraps Direct in Jacksonville Florida.





3M’s Envision Wraps Do More Than Just Protect the Environment


Envision a cleaner brighter future by investing in a 3M Envision wrap today! Heated film recovery, slide-ability, reposition-ability, superior print quality, and Comply v3 Adhesive air release channels are just a few of the cutting-edge innovations for which 3M is renowned worldwide.


The 3M Envision wrap films take pride in providing all of the following benefits:


High Durability


For our clients, securing stunning graphics that endure comes naturally. Thankfully, 3M Envision includes this as standard equipment. These sheets provide protection from acid dew, moisture, extreme heat, and UV radiation. There are also warranties available.



Exceptional Clarity


The new Envision Glossy Wrap Overlaminate offers much higher scratch resistance after installation. As a result, there won’t be any noticeable squeegee scratches left when your wrap is in place. Instead, it will appear sharp right away.



Fast Removal


Due to their sturdiness, the Envision wraps are highly unlikely to rip or tear off into tiny pieces. The enhanced structural rigidity of these wraps allows for a clean and smooth removal when the time comes for a shift in scenery or if you simply want to sell your vehicle. This implies that instead of a full day, we might only require your automobile for an hour.



High Conformability


Lifting may occasionally be seen in the first few days after the installation of a wrap. Though it doesn’t happen frequently, Envision wrap films NEVER experience this since they expand by 150%. They also conform when they are asked to. Only when we want it to, during installation, does the stretching take place. As a result, you can anticipate a better fit to shape the angles and contours of your vehicle.


Keep reading to learn more about how to choose a vinyl car wrap that is environmentally friendly, the effects of various materials on the environment, and how to choose a more sustainable alternative for your car.





Acknowledging the Effects of Conventional Vinyl Wrap Materials


It has been discovered that the usual vinyl wrap materials for cars, such as PET and PVC plastics, are bad for the environment. For instance, PVC is a non-biodegradable form of plastic that can take hundreds, if not thousands of years to decompose in the ecosystem. On the other hand, PET is a kind of plastic made from petroleum, a finite, non-renewable resource.



The Evolution of Greener Vinyl Wrap Materials


There has been an increase in demand in recent years for more eco-friendly and sustainable vinyl wrap alternatives that are less harmful to the environment. These materials include polyurethane, often known as PU, which is a sort of biodegradable plastic, and bio-based PVC, which is manufactured from plant-based ingredients such as corn.





Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Vinyl Wrap Materials


Environmentally friendly vinyl wrap materials are superior to conventional materials in a number of ways. For starters, they degrade at a significantly faster pace in the environment since they are biodegradable. Furthermore, bio-based PVC is produced using renewable resources, which lessens the need for fossil fuels. The longevity of the wrap may be increased given that PU is more resistant to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.



How to Select Environmentally Friendly Vinyl Wrap Material


It’s crucial to conduct your own research and look for items that are accredited by organizations like the Greenguard Environmental Institute when selecting eco-friendly vinyl wrap materials. Additionally, keep an eye out for wrap materials that have been properly evaluated for use on vehicles because they are guaranteed to be more durable and temperature-resistant.







Finally, vinyl car wraps are a fantastic opportunity to give your car a fresh new look and can also be a very powerful marketing tool. However, it has been shown that conventional vinyl wrap materials are hazardous to the environment. With the development of environmentally safe vinyl wrap materials, it is now feasible to make use of a vehicle wrap’s advantages without harming the environment. You may minimize your carbon footprint and contribute to environmental protection by using more eco-friendly materials. These are just a few advantages of using environmentally friendly 3M car wraps.



Are You Looking For Eco-Friendly Vinyl Wrap?


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