What Are Different Ways You Can Use Floor Wraps? | Wraps Direct

What Are Different Ways You Can Use Floor Wraps? | Wraps Direct


It’s likely that you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about floor wraps. After all, most of us probably have many other important things to consider in life. However, at Wraps Direct, we do spend a lot of time thinking about them. Our business is helping others get the most out of their dollar when it comes to unique and creative wraps. If you’ve ever wondered about different ways to use floor wraps, here are some helpful ideas.


An Effective Marketing Tool

Floor wraps are a great way of highlighting different offers and promotions that your business wants to emphasize to customers. Maybe you simply want to direct people to an ongoing sale you have. Whatever the reason, a floor wrap is a great marketing tool. Since they are incredibly affordable, they also tend to represent some of the best advertising ROI.

There are several reasons for this. First, floor wraps can be creatively designed. In fact, Wraps Direct’s talented design team is happy to work with you to create an impactful design that will impress your customers. Additionally, while many customers overlook signs, floor wraps are simply difficult to miss. You will definitely be able to engage your audience with this. Whether your goal is improved brand awareness or simply highlighting a specific deal, they are a great tool for marketing.





Clear Directions

One of the most productive uses of floor wraps is for directions. Have you ever been in a store and had difficulty finding an item? It can be a bit frustrating, particularly if you can’t find an employee at the moment to ask or don’t know where to find signage to direct you. Floor wraps are a great way to easily resolve this problem by placing directions right where people are most likely to look – in front of their feet.

Whether you are labeling the aisles for stores or wanting to direct the flow of customers, floor wraps work great. They are particularly useful at large-scale events such as conferences or athletic events where the flow of traffic is imperative for crowd control. Since they adhere directly to the floor, you don’t have to waste precious space with signs or other placards.


Enhance Safety

Floor wraps are also a great tool when you are trying to promote safety. There are many ways where they can help do this. They work great in factories, warehouses, and other industrial environments for denoting areas where employees should not stand due to the use of heavy machinery or other hazards. They can also be used to note things like steps to decrease the risk of tripping hazards.

One place you can probably remember seeing the use of floor wraps was during the height of the pandemic when many businesses used them to help customers realize how far apart to stand in lines. For places like pharmacies where customers are likely to have colds or illnesses, these can still be useful. Additionally, doctor offices and can promote the safety of personal information by having “wait behind the line” type wraps so that customers have more privacy while checking in.



Virtually every company tries to get the most they can out of brand awareness. Floor wraps are another important tool in your toolbox as you aim to do this. Having your company logo at the entrance to your store is a great seamless way to add affordable branding and will likely be noticed by the customer as it is not a typical placement.

Floor wraps can also be a great way to draw attention to your booth if you often attend trade shows. It can be difficult to stand out amidst crowds of vendors. However, having a floor wrap in front of your booth is a great way to catch the attention of attendees, drawing them into your booth.





A Personal Touch at Events

Floor wraps are also great options for adding a custom touch to important events. One of the most common uses is on dance floors. These wraps help provide a bit of extra protection against the flooring getting scuffed while also helping prevent slipping. They can be sued to mimic virtually any material, impersonating even the most expensive flooring.

However, one unique application is a custom logo to recognize the event. Whether you are throwing a fundraising gala, sorority formal, or planning a wedding, a custom-designed floor wrap can be an impressive way to set the stage for the event while being great for photos. Call or visit us at Wraps Direct here in Jacksonville Florida today to set up a free quote consultation!