Vehicle Wraps – Should I Get One? Will It Affect My Auto Insurance Rate? | Wraps Direct

Vehicle Wraps – Should I Get One? Will It Affect My Auto Insurance Rate? | Wraps Direct


Is your desire or wish to completely alter the appearance of your car? Any vehicle may be given a completely new look with a vinyl car wrap. The best aspect is that the process only requires a brief period of effort and produces results that appear professional.



What Material Is Used To Wrap Vehicles?


There are many uses for the wonderful material vinyl. Vinyl is getting stronger and more flexible as material science develops. There is a wrap for everyone, whether you just need a patch to cover a ding/scratch or want to completely change the appearance of your car.


After all, anyone who’s ever used a sticker knows how important quality is. Vehicles are exposed to a variety of factors, such as dust, moisture, and snow, thus the vinyl vehicle wrap needs to be robust. The objective is to establish a compromise between the vinyl’s thickness and longevity and the adhesive’s tensile strength and potential installation bumps.





Advantages: Top Reasons To Choose Vinyl Wraps



Each is Unique and Completely Customizable


Instead of getting bespoke paint jobs, more people are choosing to wrap their cars. This is so that every vehicle wrap may be customized to each customer’s preferences and incorporate any colors, messages, images, or patterns that can be thought of. Acquiring a custom vehicle wrap for your car might provide you with the chance to own a vehicle that is genuinely unique.



Value & Paint Preservation


Vinyl car wraps give your automobile an extra barrier of protection against sun damage, minor dents and cracks, and other hazards. Your car’s underlying paint needs to be protected if you want to maintain its value and keep it from needing minor paint repairs.



Color Change Convenience


One of the main benefits of wrapping your vehicle is that vinyl car wraps can be removed whenever you want without harming the paint underneath. Also, since car wraps are easily updated at any moment, company owners can easily change their branding or messaging, and car aficionados may easily change the exterior of their vehicle more frequently when desired to do so. Applying a color change wrap can make all the difference and give new life to the overall appearance of your vehicle.





Save Your Money


Complete full-coverage wraps and partial-coverage vinyl car wraps let you customize your car’s exterior without sacrificing the car’s overall resale value for a small fraction of the cost of a customized paint job.



Minimize The Downtime


Vinyl vehicle wraps are much quicker than custom paint jobs, which can take weeks or even days to complete (depending on the level of craftsmanship and intricacy of the project) due to the lengthy prep, priming, and drying times between layers. In most cases, a professional may finish installing the car wrap in just one to two days.



Wide Range of Style Options


There are a variety of colors and finishes available to choose from for car wraps, including color-shifting wraps that change from one hue to another based on the orientation of the light at a given moment. Depending on the color you desire to incorporate into the design of your car wrap, you can pick between a matte, gloss, or semi-gloss finish. Car wraps, for instance, can be manufactured to appear like stainless steel, chrome, or even carbon fiber!





Disadvantages: Reasons To Avoid Vinyl Wraps



You Get What You Pay For!


Remember that you will always get what you pay for if you’re looking for a cheap choice to wrap your vehicle. When opposed to purchasing a higher-quality vinyl material and having a professional car wrap the vehicle, choosing to acquire a lower-quality vinyl vehicle wrap or intending to wrap a vehicle yourself can typically yield a less-than-desirable finish.



Possibility: Dramatic Hue Changes


While initially, it would seem like a fantastic idea to completely change the color shade of your automobile with a vinyl wrap, if the wrap gets scratched or scuffed, the car’s original color might start to peek through. As a result, the vinyl wrap’s protective quality and overall finished appearance will be eliminated from the overall wrap design.





How Is A Vehicle Wrap Installed?


At the start of the process, the wrap business washes the car and gives it a clay bar detailing to get rid of any impurities from the paint’s surface. Some installers use isopropyl alcohol to clean the paint before blowing away any lingering dirt particles with compressed air.


In order to adhere the wrap as closely as possible to the edges of the body panels, the wrap business then removes the taillights, bumpers, and headlights. The installer will bypass this stage and instead use a scalpel-like tool to precisely cut the material around the grilles and lights if a customer is concerned about the professional installers disassembling the vehicle.


The technicians then wrap the vinyl around the vehicle’s body. They soften the material with a heat gun so that it can correctly follow the contours of the vehicle. For some of the trickier wrap designs, including those with graphics or unique colors, you can occasionally need additional vinyl layers. A soft plush felt squeegee is then used by the installers to remove any remaining air pockets.


The full process can take several days to complete. It will take longer because the doorjambs (the interior, body-colored portion of your doors) must be dismantled before being wrapped if you want them to match. This increases the time and expense of the installation.





How Much Does A Vinyl Car Wrap Cost?


The price of a vehicle wrap is influenced by a number of elements, including the type of wrap material, the overall size of the automobile, and the installation’s complexity.


For instance, a matte or satin finish on a Ford Mustang-sized vehicle will cost between $3,500 and $4,500. Due to the higher cost of materials and the more difficult installation process, metallic or chrome or color-changing finishes are significantly more expensive. Costs for a chrome wrap range from $7,500 to $9,500.


High-end vehicles like Rolls-Royce may cost more to wrap because detaching their body paneling is much more challenging and requires an extra amount of caution from the installers.



Will A Vehicle Wrap Cost Less Than Having It Painted?


Oftentimes, a vinyl wrap costs more than a cheap coat of paint. But, this assumes that you’ve chosen a general foundation color for your paintwork. It would be significantly more expensive to paint your car to achieve a color-shifting paint or matte finish than it would to vinyl wrap it.


It’s also important to note that a wrap isn’t permanent and is easily removable, so if you change your mind, you can return to the initial hue. This aspect of convenience and simplicity wouldn’t be achievable with a paint job.





Is It Legal To Wrap Your Car?


In general, vinyl wraps are acceptable and legal. Mobile advertising regulations vary by state and municipality, with some being stricter than others. Moving ads are prohibited by law in many locations. These restrictions frequently apply to moving billboards, although they occasionally also apply to cars in certain circumstances.



Do Car Wraps Affect Insurance Rates?


In short, yes, your auto insurance will be affected if you install a vinyl wrap on your truck or car.  Hence, before getting a vinyl car wrap, we advise that you carefully study your auto insurance policy. If at all possible, discuss your choices with your agent. This is crucial since different insurance companies may view and handle vinyl car wraps in different ways.


As vinyl wraps are not a component of the initial equipment, some insurers consider them to be accessories. Thus, a typical auto insurance policy might not cover them.


For insurance needs, inform your insurance provider of the precise color of your vinyl wrap. Declaring the wrap may enable your insurer to include it as a “covered approved add-on” to the policy. For this, you might need to spend an additional $3 to $6 each month. If anything happens to go wrong with the vehicle, it is advised that you avoid having insurance coverage on the wrap itself.


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