The World of Wall Wraps – Upgrade Your Atmosphere Today! | Wraps Direct

The World of Wall Wraps – Upgrade Your Atmosphere Today! | Wraps Direct


One thing all buildings have in common, whether you’re moving into a new office building or organizing a renovation for your current space, is walls. They not only protect the integrity of the structure in a remarkably useful manner, but they also have ornamental qualities. Your wall surface can be a lot more than the standard plain or even dull walls. Of course, painting is a possibility. However, decorative wall wraps are a means to fully realize the possibilities of the room.


Today, we’d like to look into how interior and exterior wall wraps can change the overall look of your room. Here are some creative ways to put them to good use so that the space between your floor and ceiling is more than just a useless bland wall to hang things on.


Wall graphics may be a terrific way to update the interior atmosphere of your business or office and add texture or design to a place that might otherwise be seen as uninteresting. Our team of in-house expert designers at Wraps Direct can assist you in creating the right wall wrap graphic design template for your workspace, whether you want to share information with clients or want to construct a space that better encourages your employees.



A custom glossy gray and black interior vinyl wall wrap that communicates a positive encouraging message, depicted on the inside wall of a home office building.



What’s a Wall Wrap?


Wall wraps are a form of vinyl graphic that can be applied to virtually any surface. They are often referred to as wall murals or graphics. Since each customer’s needs are unique, all wall wraps produced by Wraps Direct are made to order. As a result, you can choose any color scheme, pattern, text, or image to include in your design. Additionally, wall wraps can be made to fit any size or shape of the wall.



A custom exterior vinyl window wall wrap depicted on the front windows of a pet shop and animal hospital building.



Benefits of Wall Wrap Advertising


Wall wraps can be used in a variety of ways. These wall wrap benefits include:



Completely Customizable


Each individual wall wrap is created to match the requirements of the specific company inquisition. As a result, you will have complete control over every detail of the design layout, from picking the colors and style to including branding components and graphics. Whatever you wish to incorporate in your wall wrap design, a reputable vinyl wall wrap business like Wraps Direct can assist your organization in achieving and implementing your conceptual vision.



Creates a Great First Impression


Utilizing graphic designs and wall wraps to enhance your company’s atmosphere throughout the office building may assist your business in establishing a positive first impression with clients, visitors, and future employees, which is one of their main advantages. Working together with a group of knowledgeable wall wrap graphic designers at Wraps Direct will help you be sure that your wall wrap solution maximizes consumer satisfaction, while also enhancing brand recognition.



Improved Sales


Wall wraps, when created well, can use particular colors and design aspects to encourage potential customers to purchase goods or invest in the services your company offers. When innovating a wall wrap, you should consider incorporating some pictures of your merchandise or services being used by regular day-to-day people, or including important details like the brand’s principles and commitment to customer service in the overall design of the wall wrap. Both alternatives aid in demonstrating your company’s readiness to provide clients with their needs.



A custom interior gray, black, and green vinyl wall wrap with white lettering depicted on the inside wall of a crossfit studio building.



Builds Brand Awareness


Vinyl wall wraps are an effective marketing technique since they let you make the most of every available area to advertise your organization, along with its goods, and services. Having a creative wall wrap produced for your company can help you lure in new clients and set your brand apart from rivals.



Offers Easy Installation


You can be confident that your wall wrap will be completed as efficiently as possible without the worry over bubbling or peeling because vinyl wall wraps are simple to apply by a professional. Tile, brick, and plastered walls are just a few of the surfaces that wall wraps can be applied successfully.



Interior custom American flag and United States of America military-themed vinyl wall wrap depicted on the inside wall of a home office building.



Types of Wall Wraps



Informational Wall Wraps For Spreading Awareness


If you’re searching for a unique method to liven up a drab hallway in your facility, you should consider creating an educational or informative wall wrap that conveys the overall narrative of your business’ intent or lets current/potential clients know about the services and goods your organization offers. Your client’s perception of you may change significantly if you make an effort to provide information about your business and the products readily available.



Interior Design Wall Wraps For Indoor Advertising


In order to fully transform the aesthetic appeal of an indoor area for a limited time without having to repaint or renovate the entire space, wall wraps are a fantastic method to revamp the interiors of a building, classroom, exhibition area, or conference room. Additionally, wall graphics might be the ideal and most economical way to give a hint of corporate identity to the entire office.



A religious orange and black interior custom vinyl wall wrap depicted on the inside wall of a church that says "Truth Love Trust"



Exterior Wall Wraps For Outdoor Advertising


Wall wraps are frequently employed for outdoor advertising since they may be utilized to advertise your company and provide your message to onlookers. Well-designed wall wraps may be the first step in persuading people to invest in your services or buy your goods, whether you’re considering wrapping the full side of a building or just a tiny section of it.



Consumer Advertising Wall Wraps


Using huge, imaginative, and convincing wall wraps is one of the simplest methods to persuade customers to visit your establishment and spend their hard-earned money on your services or products. To encourage pedestrians to pause and purchase, think about employing wall wraps that display examples of other people adopting your goods or services.



Interior custom orange and purple vinyl wall wrap depicted on the outskirts of a school's bathroom stall doors and privacy dividers that communicates the "Tigers" pride, and gets their students in the school spirit.





Designing and implementing wall wrap graphics is a great method to modernize your interior and set your company apart from the competition. If you are unfamiliar with graphic wall wrap designs, they are a developing kind of indoor signage that is becoming more and more common here in the United States. When utilized for business purposes, as we’ve discussed in this article, wall wrap graphics have several advantages, like adding texture and branding design to a boring blank wall space.


If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of vinyl wall wrap advertising and how it can be beneficial to your business, or if you’d like more information about our wall wrap services, please visit our website here! Located in Jacksonville, FL, Wraps Direct provides nationwide shipping and installation services for vinyl wrap across the continental United States!


So, if your desire is to make your business stand out from the broad competition, it’s a guarantee that Wraps Direct has the installation experience and knowledge necessary to produce top-of-the-line quality wall wrap graphics, along with any other signs that may be required.


Great signage supports business growth in a variety of ways, from wall wraps to exterior building signs. Contact Wraps Direct so we can talk about your alternatives to painting and learn more about the ways your walls can start serving you. Click here to get your free consultation scheduled today!