Elements of an Attractive Wall Wrap Design | Wraps Direct

Elements of an Attractive Wall Wrap Design | Wraps Direct


One of the things our customers frequently compliment is the images that our talented team of designers is able to turn out. In fact, one of the things we pride ourselves on is impactful design. We want our designs to be eye-catching so that your business can benefit from lead generation and increased brand awareness in your marketing efforts. With this in mind, here are some elements that are considered when creating an attractive wall wrap design.



Balance refers to the overall way in which a design is laid out and is one of the most important big-picture things to consider. Every aspect included in a design has somewhat of a weight to it. Some things attract our attention. These are known as having a heavyweight. Others have a lighter weight. It is important to carefully lay these out on a wall wrap design so that it comes across effectively. When done well, the wrap will appear to be balanced and cohesive. When done poorly, it can seem chaotic and disjointed.



Contrast refers to the way in which different elements stand out from one another and is absolutely critical for impactful design. Let’s think about resumes for a moment. Have you ever seen a resume that had lots of text and almost no white space? This is an example of poor contrast. As a result, your eye isn’t really directed to anything. The same principle applies to graphic design. Sufficient contrast makes a design easy to read and helps direct the eyes. It is also important for ensuring your wall wrap can be read by people with visual disabilities.



Postitive wall wrap




It seems safe to say that most people probably realize the importance of color. Color is great at communicating things. For example, sunny yellows can lift mood and feel vibrant. Lulling purples and deep blues can create a sense of relaxation. Reds can heighten our awareness and communicate passion. Choosing the right color combination is important for a wall wrap. The colors must help contribute towards the emotion you want to be conveyed while also representing your brand well. Doing this right will result in an impactful design that will help speak to your customers.



When it comes to designing wall wraps, texture can be an incredibly exciting way to express creative designs. Texture can add a sense of realism to a design or make a particular part of a design more eye-catching than other elements. When working with something large like a wall wrap, the impact of texture can be greatly enhanced over smaller graphics. It can even be used to help make something feel interactive in nature.



Directions wrap on hostpital wall




This element of insightful design is typically communicated by the use of lines. Direction refers to a sense of movement. Again, this is an intriguing element when it comes to wall wraps as there are more ways to use this to communicate a feeling. Typically, horizontal lines communicate more stability while vertical lines create a balanced but formal feeling. Angled lines communicate a sense of action and movement.



Another important element of insightful design, emphasis refers to any of a number of tactics that are used by designers in order to direct your eye toward a particular part of a design. There are many ways to do this. For example, using contrasting colors is a great way to add emphasis. Enlarging a particular portion will do the trick as well. Leaving white space around fonts also succeeds in drawing in the eye. On the other hand, the opposite can help other parts of a design not stand out as much, moving the eye away from them.


Ready to Take Advantage of Our Design Professionals?

As you can see, there are a lot of things that go into the creation of an effective design. If you are ready for our design team to help you take your vision to the next level with a wall wrap or some other type of design, contact us today or visit us at Wraps Direct here in Jacksonville Florida!