10 Easy Ways to Improve Recognition | Wraps Direct

10 Easy Ways to Improve Recognition | Wraps Direct


Brand awareness is key for increasing your customer base, encouraging repeat customers, and ultimately improving your revenue stream. The great news it this does not have to be a difficult thing to do. In fact, there are a lot of tried and true strategies you can utilize. Here are ten easy ways to improve your company’s recognition.


Fleet Wraps

If you use vehicles as part of your business, you absolutely should invest in fleet wraps. This is a great way to build your brand and become more recognized. Additionally, doing this with impactful design will allow you to ensure that you communicate the right message, associating a specific feeling with your business whether it be “professional,” “creative,” “caring,” or something else. Add in the fact that this provides some of the best advertising ROI and it is a great solution for raising your overall recognition.



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Partner with an influencer

Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, the reality is that companies partner with influencers because it can be a successful way to quickly strengthen awareness of their products. The key to taking advantage of this strategy for raising your recognition is to identify an influencer whose followers would overlap with your ideal audience demographics. You’ll have even more success on this front if the influencer is directly related to your industry.


Start a Referral Program

Referral programs provide some of the best advertising ROI, which is why so many companies use them. We all know the basics of this tactic. When someone refers a new customer to your business and that customer makes a purchase, the referee gets some sort of perk. You can do this by providing the basics such as discounts or cash back or be more creative.


Use a Multichannel Approach

Most of us utilize social media for our business. However, relying solely on one network minimizes chances for greater exposure. While there are many social media options out there, choose at least two to be active on. This will enable you to reach more people. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all popular options while some companies have been quite innovative with their presence on networks like TikTok, as well.


Be Your Own Advocate

Telling your own story is the best way to help get your name out there. While reviews and feedback from others is critical, most businesses do not realize they can take advantage of creating their own positive buzz. Share positive news about your business. For major accomplishments, writing a simple press release is very easy and can lead to you getting mentions in local news.


Infographics are In

In case you haven’t noticed, successful marketing involves capturing people’s attention. You want to get to the point, and a great way to do this is with infographics. These catchy ways of communicating interesting information are great ways to help augment your company’s recognition efforts. Make them eye-catching and use them in many mediums from social media to in-store ads, and on your website. This helps potential customers quickly connect with you.



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Give Away Stuff

Who doesn’t like something for free? Giving people useful yet relatively expensive items are a great way to get your name out there and take advantage of mobile advertising since your name goes wherever the item goes. It can be relatively inexpensive to order batches of pens, keychains, drink koozies, or other items with your name, logo, and website. Since you can order items in bulk, this strategy can also provide some of the best advertising ROI if you identify items people will use regularly.


Practice Storytelling

Learn how to be more effective at telling stories and you will resonate with more potential customers. After all, research has consistently shown that the modern consumer responds emotionally to storytelling, causing them to build bonds with companies. Make your outreach efforts and advertising personal, relevant, and authentic and you will be on the way to raising recognition for your business through effective storytelling.


Pay-per-Click Ads

While organic marketing is certainly something you should focus on, pay-per-click ads can be another option for helping to increase industry recognition. This is a good way of marketing because you only pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Additionally, brand awareness improves a bit even if someone sees your advertisement but does not click.


Partner with another Company

This is a great strategy for local small businesses. Partnering with other companies or organizations can help you get your name out there. Whether you are holding a seminar with another company, helping organize a fun run for a local charity, or sponsoring a Little League team’s uniforms, you’ll get your name in front of lots of people outside of your typical customers, leveraging better industry recognition.