6 Innovative Lead Generation Ideas | Wraps Direct

6 Innovative Lead Generation Ideas | Wraps Direct


Lead generation is something that is important to every organization whether you are a small business seeking to increase your revenue or a non-profit looking for volunteers and expertise. However, lead generation is something that many people can struggle to accomplish. Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative ideas for strengthening lead generation.


Partial Vehicle Wrap

You’ve probably heard that a little can go a long way. This is definitely the case when it comes to partial vehicle wraps from Wraps Direct. Our spot graphics are great additions to your vehicle that can grab attention without the need to completely cover your entire car.

You’ve likely seen these in practice before with business names, phone numbers, and websites. These are great mobile advertising efforts with some of the best advertising ROI. And thanks to smartphones, people can simply take a snapshot to refer to later. Get an affordable billboard on wheels to generate leads everywhere you go.



Partial Wraps Best ROI - Wraps Direct



Educational Videos

Chances are your business or organization makes you an expert on something if not several things. Turn your expertise into a strength that augments your lead generation by creating videos. Again, the purpose is to educate, so try to avoid being don’t want to be overly “sales-y”. Simply inform your audience about an important topic.

If you are an accountant, you can discuss frequent tax preparation mistakes. If you run a gardening center, you can introduce viewers to six great plants to plant in your area for the spring. Mechanics can do a how-to on simple car maintenance. You get the picture. This helps build credibility and brand awareness, leading to sales down the line. Become a trusted expert in your community!


Offer Something Useful for Free

Many people provide get clients in the door by providing them with something free that they find useful. You can see this in small ways like an expert providing a guide to becoming a freelance writer to advertise their consulting services. You also see this in large scales like tax preparation companies that offer a free basic version of their product with paid upgrades. Getting access to the free item requires providing your e-mail or other contact information, allowing them to enter your marketing funnel.

Giving your customers something basic for free is a great way to get more people in the (often virtual) door. This is particularly effective when what you provide is a service instead of a product because it often does not take a great deal of labor to design the free utility and it can serve as a method of lead generation for a long time.


Get Interviewed

Again, the key here is leveraging your expertise. Much of lead generation comes from elevating your brand awareness. After all, this is why people spend money on advertising to start with. However, there are ways you can generate leads for your business without spending a dime. One great one is to provide your expertise through another forum by being interviewed.

While it may be difficult for the local news to consult you, the more you increase your visibility in the local community the greater the chance of your expertise is desired. However, it is the rise of podcasts that has made this a lucrative strategy. Find a podcast that coincides with your company’s expertise and offer an interview. This can lead to greater exposure (and more future interviews), helping get your company’s name on the map in new areas.



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Offer a Class

Are you great at helping instruct others? Do you feel naturally passionate about providing advice and feedback in an engaging way? If so, why not turn this strength into lead generation? Find a topic that would be interesting to the audience you hope to attract leads from.

For example, a mechanic could offer a course on how to change spark plugs. But this doesn’t have to be something limited to those offering services. A business that sells clothing could have a class on how to design the perfect fall wardrobe. You’ll notice that major home improvement stores already offer periodic classes on building projects for kids and adults alike. They know this is great for lead generation.


Participate in Online Communities

There are likely a number of ways where you can garner lead generation through your actions online. There are probably many niche communities for your organization’s specialty whether it is a place for tax advice, home improvement questions, or something else. Responding to questions with helpful replies helps build relationships, get you noticed, and generate leads. Many communities allow you to have a signature. Include your website on this.

If there isn’t an online community specific to your business or if you don’t offer products on a regional or national scale, go local. Monitoring Facebook groups or sites like Next Door can give you an opportunity to respond to posts relating to the products or services you provide in a helpful way, further building brand awareness and credibility.