5 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness | Wraps Direct

5 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness | Wraps Direct


It seems that everyone knows the key things that help your business to stand out. Having a great website, producing regular social media content, and providing quality customer service is among a list of things you probably already do. But how do you take the extra step to make your company stand out from competitors? Here are some creative ways to strengthen brand awareness and lead generation.


Get a Full Vehicle Wrap

A full vehicle wrap with an impactful design is something that simply compels attention. This is a great way to get some of the best possible advertising ROI at a low cost per conversion. A full vehicle wrap essentially converts your vehicle into a mobile billboard.

This makes perfect sense if your car is part of your company. However, even if you don’t have a company car, you can advertise your business on your own personal vehicle to reap the same benefits. Embrace creative mobile advertising to get consistent lead generation with a great wrap from Wraps Direct!


Have Social Media Contests

Social media is a core part of our society in a digital world. It also serves as a great way to interact with customers and build your brand. While most businesses are great at posting on social media and responding to customers, engaging strategies can help your company to further stand out.

Having social media contests is a great way to do this. Consider giving away a product or service to a randomly drawn winner who comments on a post. Require them to also share your post or tag three friends in order to enter. This is a good way to increase brand awareness and triggers some new lead generation, getting you a lot of leverage out of something relatively small.


Reward Loyal Customers

We’ve all had experiences with customer loyalty programs. Many of us have had “buy five get one free” punch cards from restaurants or other businesses. These types of programs help reward customer loyalty and quietly build brand awareness as repetitive visits encourage the behavior. However, many business owners haven’t considered doing something similar for their own company.

Customer loyalty programs can offer free perks for your repeated interaction. This is another way to improve your branding while getting some relatively low-cost advertising ROI. Restaurants can offer a free food item every so often visits. Clothing stores can offer a discount every so many purchase. There are many options to engage customers.





Give Back to Your Community

Community involvement is a unique way to garner significant brand awareness among people who may otherwise have never heard of your business. There are a number of ways to do this. One of the most common is through sponsoring events or donating to local charities. However, if your business isn’t in this position yet, you can do other things.

Consider volunteering your time with a community event or perhaps donating services or products if it is applicable to your business. If a local organization is holding a fundraising auction or event, you could even donate a prize. There are tons of ways to get involved and get your business’ name out there.


Recognize Quirky Holidays

Most businesses run sales for major holidays. Things like Black Friday, Labor Day, and Memorial Day Sales have become so common that it is almost expected that most merchants will reduce prices. While participating in these is perfectly fine, it can also make it a bit difficult for your business to truly stand out from the crowd.

A good solution is to recognize some more unique and unexpected holidays with promotions. Whether it be Star Wars Day, National Spaghetti Day, Siblings Day, Emoji Day, or Relaxation Day, there are tons of strange holidays at national days of recognition that you can use to stand out. Have fun with this strategy, especially on your social media accounts by offering promotions now and then on weird days to gain better advertising ROI than sales on major holidays where everyone participates.





Final Thoughts

There are tons of ways for businesses to stand out. Keep these five creative ideas in mind when brainstorming your business’ efforts to garner more lead generation and brand awareness from existing and new customers alike.